Health & Safety on Developments

Stay safe when visiting our developments

We always welcome visitors on development and recommend you visit during Sales Office opening times so our Sales Advisors are there to help you. Buying a new home is exciting so we want to make sure we are there to share the enjoyment with you.

We understand that when you buy a new home, you are keen to visit to see the progress on development and that won't always be when our Sales Office is open. However, construction work will be in progress as the development is built and this presents a dangerous environment for the general public.

Not only are our developments places where home buyers visit, they are also our 'workplace'. Therefore Health and Safety legislation is in place and must be adhered to, it is our legal responsibility to ensure this. By law, we must not allow access to the general public or this could breach our Health & Safety Laws and invalidate our insurance. These rules are in place to protect lives and remove the risk of accidents.

For Health & Safety reasons we therefore please ask that you do not go onto the development without prior arrangement or supervision by Turnberry Homes.

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